Top 5 Band Exercises

You'll find on this page a list of 5 excellent band exercises, presented in a reverse Top 5 format.

To make it into the list, each exercise had to efficiently strengthen the muscles targeted and require no additional equipment than the stretch bands themselves, making them recommendable to anybody.

  1. Shoulder Press
  2. Band Row
  3. Lateral Deltoid Raise
  4. Biceps Curl
  5. Band Squat

#1 - Shoulder Press

Shoulder Press

Coming in at number 1 is the Shoulder Press exercise. Requiring no other equipment than a stretch bands with handles, this exercise is very effective at targeting the muscles in your shoulders, as well as those found in your triceps and upper back.

Although the exercise is presented here in its standing variation it can also be performed while sitting down on a bench or a chair. Using a chair or a bench may provide you with more resistance options as you'll be able to tuck the bands are various lengths.

#2 - Band Row

Band Row

Coming in at number 2 is the classic Back Row exercise, presented here in its stretching band variation. This exercise will strengthen the muscles located in your back (specifically the lats), as well as your biceps and finally your rear deltoids muscles located in your shoulders.

The exercise can be adjusted as to bring the focus more towards the shoulders by pulling the handles high towards your shoulders rather than low towards your abdomen.

#3 - Lateral Deltoid Raise

Lateral Deltoid Raise

Another terrific shoulder exercise is proposed here in the Lateral Deltoid Raise. Like no other, this exercise will strengthen the middle portion of your deltoid muscles, which constitute your shoulders.

Like the shoulder press above, this band exercise can also be performed while sitting down rather than standing up. Again, sitting down will let you control the resistance levels by being able to shorten the band and tucking it underneath a bench or a chair.

#4 - Biceps Curl

Biceps Curl

No Top 5 exercise roundup would be complete without including one for the arms, which the Biceps Curl does expertly.

Specifically, the biceps curl will target your biceps muscles which are located in the front of your upper arms, as well as solicit your inner forearm muscles.

#5 - Band Squat

Band Squat

Finally, wrapping our list of the top 5 best band exercise is the Squat, in its band exercise variation.

The squat is arguably the best lower body exercise one can do and will help strengthen your quadriceps (front of thighs) as well as your glutes and inner thighs.